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Have you implemented your competitive intelligence plans this year?

CI gives coordinated monitoring of any companies competitors within a specific marketplace. When we say competitors then we are pointing out rivals in business and with whom you compete for market share. Competitive Intelligence gives you the power to gain foreknowledge of your competitor's plans and to plan your business strategy. Actually it is analysis and Testing of your competitor.

Would outsourcing procurement improve your competitive position?

ICG Commerce, the procurement outsourcing specialist, is driving a fundamental change in the way today’s businesses achieve financial agility and fund growth. ICG Commerce is the only procurement outsourcing specialist with superior market intelligence integrated into an operational approach, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in realized savings.
ICG Commerce

Is the market changing in your business? What are you doing about it? Will you let the competition eat your lunch or react to the changing market?

How is your company using Competitive Intelligence?
How should your company make better use of CI ?

Fuld-Gilad-Herring Academy of Competitive Intelligence Education, Public CI Training. Fuld-Gilad-Herring Academy

GageIn is a brand new business networking platform perfect for competitive intelligence professionals. You can use the site to more easily track competitor, partner and prospect news and happenings in the market. Basically, it helps you gather information more quickly and then also connect with companies/contacts and collaborate with colleagues to get business done. You may would find it useful in your daily work.

GageIn's secure enterprise platform equips busy professionals with the critical business knowledge and tools that they need to propel their business forward. Empower yourself with knowledge about your business ecosystem and act faster - whether it's closing the sale, keeping an eye on your competitors, or engaging your network with valuable content. GageIn gathers and curates quality business content for you, so you have more time to do your job.

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